Designers Guide to Innovative Tech

By Chip Hudson

July 1, 2020

Over the past decade, there's been an exponential increase in the technological demands home buyers have when considering the purchase or construction of a new home. Designers must take that into account when creating new plans that incorporate these requests. Let's take a close look at some of the current trends in technological home design.

Increased Wi-Fi Connectivity

Gone are the days of building a home and then figuring out Wi-Fi coverage later. The demands on wireless bandwidth are higher than ever in today's world. Everything from cellphones, tablets, laptop computers and gaming systems require a Wi-Fi connection in the home, and many of these devices are often in use at the same time. Home designers must now take Wi-Fi coverage into account when creating new plans.

Potential customers need to know that open spaces, nooks and every floor of their home has adequate Wi-Fi coverage potential and not just for computers and gaming systems. With the explosion of internet connectivity common appliances are now linked together in what is often referred to as the "Internet of Things." Refrigerators, coffee makers, televisions and many other types of electronics are now being equipped with Wi-Fi capability to improve their functionality and ease of use. 

The average home buyer may not wish to set up their own Wi-Fi system to meet these demands, so tech savvy designers who can create coverage maps and incorporate mesh networks into their plans have the potential to attract more business.

Voice Controlled and Automated Home Systems

Home buyers and builders are in the market for home designs that can incorporate automated and voice controlled home systems. 

Air conditioning, heating, lighting and many other modern conveniences are now easier to control that ever using voice commands and set schedules. Some home designers are now incorporating these features in every room of new plans they develop.

Many automated home systems are taking advantage of advancements in artificial intelligence to meet homeowners' needs. 

A.I. systems learn the patterns and habits of residents, take weather and temperature information into account and rely on numerous factors to decide on how to meet homeowners' needs before they manually make changes to their automated system. This can require extra electrical planning and increased internet bandwidth should also be considered.

Incorporating these types of systems requires added attention to wiring and Wi-Fi coverage maps, so designers should take into account the placement of sensors and voice activated control panels when they are creating new tech-friendly home plans.

Smart Security

Along with home systems, more home buyers are demanding smart security systems over antiquated security options. These security systems often provide complete indoor and outdoor coverage as well as utilizing the home Wi-Fi network in order to save video footage and allow homeowners to check on their property when they're away from home.

There have been many impressive inventions when it comes to smart home security. Home designers should plan on security camera doorbells and smart locks. Home owners are also expecting multiple security cameras integrated into a mesh network and smart motion-sensor light and camera combinations.

Home buyers and builders often relish unobtrusive security systems that are incorporated into home design plans. Taking the extra time to include security systems in your designs will allow customers to incorporate these systems during the building process rather than increasing costs and potentially remodeling parts of their home to add them on later.

Connected Outdoor Spaces

Home builders are often attracted to home plans that include useable outdoor spaces, and home designers should plan on providing as much connectivity to these areas as possible.

Whether your customers are interested in an outdoor pool and spa area, an entertaining porch with a fireplace or covered patio for get-togethers, they're going to want electricity and access to their Wi-Fi and smart home systems from their outdoor retreats. Make sure that your Wi-Fi coverage maps, electrical designs and smart home plans extend beyond the interior spaces to ensure outdoor entertaining areas are fully covered.

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