Seven Successful Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

By Chip Hudson

May 26, 2020


It's getting harder and harder for home builders to find ways to stand out and generate new clientele, but there are several marketing techniques that can be utilized to grow your home building business. Let's take a look at seven techniques that have proven to be marketing game changers.

Have an Active Social Media Presence

Many customers searching for home builders will view their social media platforms before ever calling and scheduling an appointment, so it's important to make sure you've created social media accounts on major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Just having a social media account isn't enough to attract new business, you need to stay active and regularly update your content. Include posts of jobs underway, finished projects and share home building content that you customers may be interested in. You can even post positive reviews shared by existing clients to show off the results of your work. Without regular updates, there exists the potential for customers to move on to another home builder's social media sites.

Create a Professional and Engaging Website

Once a customer lands on your website, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they either decide to dig deeper or move on. It's important to make sure that your website is clean, easy to read and attractive. The good news is that there are many webhosting services that offer free design software that will allow you to create a professional looking website from existing templates.

Your site should include engaging content that will keep customers on your site. Simply providing a list of home building projects and new home services isn't going to be enough. Provide accessible content that will give your potential clients the opportunity to see why they should choose you to build their dream home.

Offer Home Plans to Your Customers

In regards to engaging content, embedding the Portfolio Home Plans online storefront in your website is a great way to keep customers on your site.

PHP is a storefront that contains thousands of home plans for your customers to browse. Seeing this large collection of designs will motivate them to begin the building process by contacting you to setup a consultation. This platform also has the potential to boost your website's search engine rankings via SEO and shareable content.

Including Portfolio Home Plans in your web design is not only a great marketing tool, it helps expand your business and makes the initial phases of the home building process easier. With PHP, your customers won't have to go to a third party for designs and you'll be in control of the sale of plans right from the start.

As an added bonus, not only will you have easy access to plans, but you'll receive a commission for every plan you sell from your website whether or not you complete the home building process.

Take Advantage of Media

It's important to take advantage of photography and video across every marketing platform you utilize. Photography, 3D home designs and video will draw the eye of potential customers. Telling your brand's story through visually pleasing content will grow your client base much faster than simply letting them know you build homes.

Provide Informative Content

Posting pictures and sharing your contact information may not be enough however. Make sure that the content you include on your website or share on social media is entertaining, informative and relevant to your business. Dry content or posts and pictures without details won't keep potential clients' attention for long. Make sure your posts are entertaining and inform your followers about the home building process and other aspects of your business.

You don't have to be an expert wordsmith to create informative content, just make sure that the content you provide points back to the quality of your workmanship and informs them about your company.

Create an E-Mail Newsletter

Not all marketing campaigns have to run through your website and Facebook pages. Creating a newsletter to provide information to repeat customers and potential clients will remind customers of your business and make them highly likely to recommend your services to a friend or associate considering building a home.

Just like with other content, make sure that your newsletter is informative and the content varies with each new release. Try sharing new and exciting plans from PHP, clue customers in on new projects and promote a different aspect of your business with each new issue. Just remember that releasing a newsletter too frequently can cause customers to unsubscribe, so make sure you're sending it out often enough to keep customers in the loop but not so often that it turns into spam.

Target the Appropriate Audience

Don't waste your efforts marketing to customers who will never consider buying a new home. Use keywords in your content that point back to the home building process. If you're sharing content on Facebook, make sure that your content is directed at those considering hiring a builder to design and build their house.

Webhosting software and targeted ads via Facebook and AdWords can be utilized and customized to help search engines increase your ranking and show sponsored ads to potential customers searching for a home builder.

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