Top Five Online Tools for Growing Your Home Building Business

By Chip Hudson

May 26, 2020


Having a presence on the internet and social media is essential to the success of any business, especially in the competitive home building market.

Home builders need new ways to reach new customers, and the online market offers several different options to help you make potential clients aware of your services.

Facebook Ads

A large portion of the public has some form of Facebook presence making it an ideal marketing tool for home builders, but simply having a Facebook page for your business isn't enough to draw customers to your services.

Utilizing Facebook Ads can greatly increase your social media presence and target customers who may be considering building their own home. Here's a few of the ways that Facebook Ads helps you reach customers:

  • Ads reach targeted demographics
  • Ads reach users that have already interacted with you
  • Sponsored Facebook posts reach more users than organic posts

A Facebook Ad campaign has much more potential to contact potential leads than simply sharing your content. Using Facebook Ads to promote your home building business will target a specific demographic, namely those who have interacted with home building content, and increase you visibility via sponsored posts that are more accessible than regular posts and shared content.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is quite similar to Facebook Ads except for it increases your visibility across the entire internet.

With a Google AdWords campaign, you can target your potential customer base by using multiple keywords that will increase your visibility to those who are using Google to search for home builders. Ads for your business may also show up on related websites and other online content if potential customers have recently explored home building content.

Google AdWords can reach customers via their e-mail. Promotional campaigns can raise your visibility by unobtrusively reaching customers in the promotional and social inboxes of their Gmail accounts.

Google AdWords also provide analytic tools that let you see who has been clicking on your ads and how much traffic your site has received in response to your AdWords campaign.

Portfolio Home Plans

Portfolio Home Plans is a service that you can include on your website or Facebook business page that not only helps you reach customers, but also helps speed up the building process by giving you and your clients easy access to home design plans.

By including PHP on your website, you won't have to send potential clients to a third party in order to have plans made, you control the entire process. This can also grow your business by keeping potential clients on your website rather giving them a reason to look elsewhere.

Portfolio Home Plans is also very SEO friendly. This means that having PHP embedded on your website can draw customers to you whenever they perform a Google search for home plans, home builders and other related keywords. Once they've come to your site, they've not only found a massive catalog of designs, but a builder to help them construct their dream home.

The PHP system also provides shareable content for your website so that your website visitors share your home plans online on places like Pinterest and Facebook thus attracting more potential clients to your business.

Appointment Scheduling Tools

Having an easy way for customers to schedule appointments can also help grow your business. If you're on a jobsite, potential customers may not be able to reach you to schedule a consultation and may choose another builder for their project. Using an online appointment scheduler such as AppointmentCore or Calendly allows customers to schedule appointments easily without any back-and-forth communication.

AppointmentCore works by giving you the ability to set your availability for new appointments. After this, customers simply select their timeslot and you're all set for your next meeting. AppointmentCore seamlessly integrates with InfusionSoft, Outlook and Google Calendars giving you complete control of your schedule with the hassle of e-mail chains, voice mail and missed calls.

Calendly is a similar service that lets you include appointment scheduling in e-mails and on your website. It works with most major online calendars to make sure that appointments are never double booked. It also works with online apps and services like GoToMeeting, Salesforce and Zapier.

Regardless of which automated scheduler you choose, your potential for growth will increase when clients can easily schedule appointments rather than choosing another builder due to lapses in communication.

Google Business Listing

A Google business listing is an essential part of online marketing. It has numerous benefits that will increase your online presence and attract customers to your business.

By acquiring a Google business listing, you're increasing awareness of your business by:

  • Gaining a location marker on Google Maps
  • Giving customers the ability to rate your services
  • Getting access to free Google advertising
  • Ranking higher in Google search results

All of these thing grow your business by giving your website a better opportunity to be seen by customers searching for home-building services.

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