Do you have a referral program?

Yes. If you know of a builder that may benefit from Portfolio Home Plans, we offer a referral program where you will receive $200 for every referral that signs on with us as a reseller of home plans. 

Where can I see an example site of Portfolio Home Plans?

You can view it right on this site under "Test Drive" page.

Once signing up, how hard is it to get started?

It is very easy, we work directly with your web designer. They basically create a new page (example: "Home Plans") , we give them a code to copy and paste and that is it! Start marketing your home plans! 

Are there any monthly fees or subscriptions?

No. This is a one time set up fee, no monthly subscriptions or fees! We work directly with you or your web designer to get you up and running. We also are not a company that sells home plan to you, we give you the opportunity for you to sell home plans and make extra income off it. 

Do you allow any designer to market their plans?

No. We do have an Architectural review board that views each plan that is submitted and will then decide if the plan is accepted or denied. We also have the designer submit a standard set of plans before we accept them to market there plans. The customer/builders can see the sample plan in the plan search results. The designer also states on the site what is included in their standard set. 

Can I choose which plans are displayed on my site?

Yes you can. You have the option in login where you can filter which plans you would like to have on your own site.  Some example are: Regions of the US (i.e. Midwest plans only), features to the plan (i.e. front porch only), style of Architecture, foundation option along with many more. 

I would only like to only market my own plans on my own site?

You have that option to only display your own home plans on your own site. Your plans will still be featured on our network of home industry websites.  We do recommend having all of our network of plans on your site as you receive a percentage of any plan sale. 

I'm a builder (designer) that would like to market my portfolio of home plans, will my plans prioritize when customers search plans?

Yes they will. Your plans will show up first in the search results on your own site. Your plans on any other site will then be based on popularity search results. 

Does having Portfolio Home Plans on my site help with SEO?

Yes, We have coded it in the front end where it does help in your search rankings.

I'm a builder and would like to market my portfolio of plans with you, can I do that?

Yes, we would love to be able to market your plans with us. We do have a Architectural review committee that reviews every design. We also ask to submit one of your standard set of plans for review. Once accepted we will send out a packet with guideline on what to submit.

Once a plan sells on my site, when do I receive the royalty payment?

Payment will be sent once the transaction is received/paid  and the order is fulfilled. 

How can I track if a plan sold on my site?

You will receive a login where you will have complete access on registered clients (lead captures), adding/creating coupons or discounts to plans, orders, control search filters (i.e. maybe you just want to show plans with front porches), be able to change color to match your site.

How is the price of the home plans figured?

The cost of the house plans are figured by the original designer. You do have the option to offer discounts, coupons or create sales. 

Do I need to answer questions from the customer about the home designs?

No, every questioned is answered by the original designer of the house plans. "Ask The designer" feature directs the question directly to the designer. No client information is given to the designer just the questioned being asked. 

Can the home plans be customizable (modified)?